The Bell & Crown, Strand-on-the-green, Chiswick London


Bell & Crown

Kitchen refurbishment project over ground and first floors, involving a re-design and including the cleaning and servicing of some existing equipment, the supply of a new equipment package, plus extensions to existing ventilation.

Because new items were being added to the cook line, Court Catering Equipment extended the existing ventilation canopy, incorporated new canopy lighting and installed stainless steel wall backing sheets and side panels.

Equipment supplied included a chargrill and stand, griddle on mobile stand, kitchen benches and shelving, fryer, two-tier heated gantry for use on a bench, combination, refrigeration including undercounter and upright units, bains marie, dishwashing including pass-through dishwasher, pre-rinse faucets, associated tabling and water softening and handwash sinks.

In addition to the new equipment, Court Catering Equipment supplied and fitted a bracket for an existing grill, a floor stand for a salamander to span a six-burner range and installed a new wine shelf in some bottle coolers.

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