Royal Shakespeare Company



Royal Shakespeare Theatre – Stratford upon Avon Having successfully pre-qualified for the Royal Shakespeare Transformation project Court Catering Equipment were successful with the Winton Nightingale (FCSI) tendered specification and received an order direct for the RSC. Co ordination: This was a crucial element, the building had been completed and serviced and the main contractor was passed the snagging phase when the catering portion was let. We were installing in a new and pristine building that also had other specialist contractors undertaking works of architectural and heritage implications. Quality: This was an essential part of the project; the frontage to the riverside café was especially selected to match other timbers that were used on the ground floor bars. On site and off site training: Training was given for the equipment as requested both on and off site before and after handover. Both the Client and the Consultant Keith Winton FCSI from Winton Nightingale have given us written endorsements. INSTALLED 6 bar areas 2 glass wash rooms River side café Staff restaurant Main fine dining kitchen

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