Marlowe Theatre, Sun Street, Canterbury


Marlowe Theatre

Opened in October 2011, the new Marlowe Theatr4e offers bars on three levels, all with spectacular views of Canterbury and The Riverside Restaurant, open for lunch, pre-show dinners and evening dinners.

Court Catering Equipment designed, supplied and installed catering facilities throughout the Theatre, including the Café Kitchen, Café Servery, Foyer Bar, Circle Bar and Balcony Bar. 

The Café Kitchen includes Contact Grill (Plain), Contact Grill (Ribbed), Oven Range, Microwave Oven, Induction Hob, Food Processor and Toaster. Refrigeration includes Deep Freeze Cabinet Upright and Undercounter Refrigerators and a Thermowell Chilled Ingredients Unit. The Dishwash area includes  Outlet Tabling, Hood Type Dishwasher, Inlet Tabling, Shelving, Soap Dispenser, Wall Shelving and sundry items including Mobile Waste Bins, Grease Management Unit, Wall Clock, reparation worktop/Sink Unit/Storage Shelving, Service Pass/Hot cupboard/Overshelves and Cutting Boards.

The Café Servery includes a Back Bar Worktop, Double and Single Bottle Coolers, Water Boiler, Ice Machine, Refrigerator, Mobile Bottle Bin, Hand Wash Basin, Soap Dispenser, Bin Sack Holder, Insectocutor and Bulk Brew Coffee Machine. A Front ervery Counter includes two Self-Service Chilled Multi Deck Displays, Ice Cream Display Counter, Tray Dispenser, Recycling Bins, Cutlery and 10L Soup Kettles.

The three Bars all feature a similar equipment package including Storage Racking, Glasswasher with Integral Water Softener, Double Bottle Coolers,  Ice Machine, Mobile Bottle Bin and an  Ice Chest & Rail.


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