The Langley,  Iver, Bucks

Situated on the hunting estate of the third Duke of Marlborough the site of the new Langley Hotel as seem many incarnations - from a base for the Polish army, the location of British Gypsum to the film location of Batman and The Iron Lady. Plans to refurbish the building were mothballed during the financial crash of 2007, being resurrected early 2015. With the Grade II listed building having the kitchen situated in the basement with a vaulted double barrelled ceiling, issues for ventilation became apparent. Even after digging out the floor slab by 600mm to increase the head height, it was necessary to take the decision to eliminate any gas-fired cooking equipment. With the designs approved late 2015, and detailed production drawings finalised, a major re-design became necessary in 2016 when the area designated as chef's table dining was expanded into a teaching kitchen. Fundamental expansion of the ventilation and catering facilities at this late stage was necessary and plans were finally approved later that year. Building work in the kitchens began late 2017, and following innumerable delays, the final commissioing was completed spring 2019 much to the clients delight.