The Berystede Hotel, Ascot


Berystede Hotel

Major redesign and refurbishment of several areas including a bar, main kitchen and dishwash.

Prior to commencement of the works, Court Catering Equipment stripped out re-usable existing equipment, cleaned and serviced it and then placed it in storage for re-installation on the site later.

The first section tackled was the bar area,  which was given a complete new look with new sinks, storage racks, specialist red wine racking, workbenches, storage trolleys, an icemaker and mobile storage bins installed. A pass-through dishwasher and condense canopy to minimise condensation completed the package.

The main kitchen was given a complete redesign and refurbishment, which began with Court Catering Equipment supplying a temporary dishwash during building works.

The equipment package included: -

Refrigeration: Two and three door counter units, blast chiller, dual compartment coldroom.

Prime cooking: Convection oven and a 20-grid combi oven and associated equipment for banqueting including plate stackers, a 60-plate capacity plate rack and thermocovers to keep the plates hot after regeneration. Existing equipment was refurbished, serviced and re-installed.

Dishwashing: A rack transport dishwasher was installed, with associated ‘L’ shaped automatic inlet tabling, outlet tabling, water softening and waste disposal unit with cutlery saver.

Other works included extending the ventilation canopy; relaying the floors in two coldrooms and installing a dishwasher extract and fire suppression system.