Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts London


Le Cordon Bleu Cuisine Kitchen

Through a client recommendation Court Catering’s Managing Director Nick Howe was invited to present to the Architects and the Director’s of Le Cordon Bleu, who were in the early stages of planning the relocation of their London operation, to new premises in London’s Bloomsbury, turning it into their flagship school.

For those of us who are not familiar with Le Cordon Bleu, the world renowned culinary arts school was founded in Paris in 1895 by the journalist and publisher of La Cuisinière Cordon Bleu magazine, Marthe Distel. In an effort to promote the magazine and launch the Paris cooking school, what is now recognised as the world’s first cooking demonstration ever to be held on an electric stove, was staged at Le Cordon Bleu on January 14th, 1896. From this point on the international reputation of this renowned brand was established. Today “Le Cordon Bleu” has a presence in 20 countries around the world, with more than 40 international schools attended by 20,000 students annually, making it one of the world’s oldest and most respected.
 “We negotiated a design supply and installation contract that included acquiring the support and involvement of key manufacturers. As you would expect the client’s requirements were very demanding and this combined with the structural constraints of the building, made for a challenging project and design process. Le Cordon Bleu wanted to depart from their traditional style of cooking and with an eye on ecological efficiency they wanted to embrace new technology, with induction energy recognised as the way forward. Working with the Le Cordon Bleu team every step of the way we designed a basement Production Kitchen, a ground floor Boutique, first floor Cuisine kitchen and Demonstration kitchen, second floor Asian Cuisine kitchen and Pastry kitchen, third floor Polyvalent kitchen, together with a further Bakery kitchen and finally a fourth floor demonstration kitchen”.

“With a equipment value of £1.25m and a shopping cart that included 51 induction ranges, 21 induction hobs and 79 refrigerated cabinets a number of manufacturers including Falcon, Fosters, Mono, Meiko and Williams jumped at the chance of supplying such a prestigious project.”

Larry Montack, Head of School, Le Cordon Bleu London commented:

“Following the opening of our new premises, I would just like to thank Andy and Noel for all of your hard work and dedication on this complex project. It is a pleasure to see our new flagship fully operational.
Court Catering has proved to be an invaluable partner as we sought to design, develop and build the Le Cordon Bleu’s new international flagship institute.
The project presented significant challenges for all concerned and we wish to recognise that Court Catering made an outstanding contribution to the successful delivery of this project.
 Your professional approach and equipment knowledge has helped guide us through the design process which is reflected in the practical teaching kitchen now at our disposal. From the outset your flexibility to adapt and respond quickly has helped us to meet the deadlines required for this project.
Our new facilities are performing well, receiving excellent feedback from students, staff and the public alike.
This is a project that you can all be proud of and we look forward to working with you again”

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