‘Refrigeration is the only thing apart from the kitchen clock that works 24hrs a day! It’s also one of the easiest things to get right.’

Before choosing: Everybody is offering ‘sustainable’ refrigeration…or so it seems from the adverts in the trade press. Before purchasing any products, it could be helpful to visit the Energy Technology List on But beware, not all of the latest developments in refrigeration technology are on the ECA list. This is an independently ratified and controlled advisory purchasing list managed by the Carbon Trust. All products on this list can enable you to enjoy an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) from the Inland Revenue.

Court Catering Equipment is up to date with the latest industry developments. We will help you find the most energy efficient and sustainable choice of refrigeration suppliers and then help you compare products to find the best value for money.

How much do I need? Think about frequency of deliveries – moving from once or twice a week to three or four times a week; or even daily. This could significantly save on your need for fridge space, cut energy bills and improve your carbon footprint!

Warranty and service: Some manufacturers treat warranty differently with many offering two or three years and some up to five years on cabinets, while others stick to 12 months. Some warranties are on components only, others on the whole unit.

Be realistic: You do not have to spend top-money on everything and you can optimise your budget by spending more on the hardest working fridges.

Counters or uprights? Do you need a coldroom? How frequently will you be opening the fridge door during service? How close do you want the fridge to the cookline? Will the menu change in the next 12 months…more fresh food perhaps? Court Catering Equipment will look at your operation, the mix of food you serve (chilled, frozen, fish), as well as the volume of meals and help you select the best refrigeration package for your kitchen.

Temperature ranges: Do you need separate fridges for fish, meat and salads? Fish fridges are set to lower temperatures than meat fridges for example.

How many? Do you really need five fridges? Handling that number makes stock control harder.

What about remote refrigeration? This takes the exhaust heat from the compressors away from the kitchen and is a great way to save space in a design.

Temperature monitoring: This can be time consuming, not to mention expensive if food temperature falls outside of the critical limits. Court Catering Equipment can help cut through the plethora of temperature monitoring products on the market and advise on the best product for your business.

Positioning: To ensure that products operate at their optimum efficiency it is vital that the caterer positions and utilises product correctly in the kitchen. Bear in mind that refrigeration is the only piece of equipment that is on 24 hours a day and therefore can be a significant user of energy. Court Catering Equipment are experienced kitchen designers and will help with design and planning issues.

Which manufacturer? Court Catering Equipment works with all catering equipment manufacturers. We know good equipment from bad and what works best, whether it is light, medium or heavy-duty. You have a choice of manufacturer and you can make the most of that choice by using Court Catering Equipment for your purchases.

Beware buying off the internet – buying a ‘box’ over the web could end up costing you money and inconvenience. Court Catering Equipment buys equipment on a daily basis; we know how to get you the best value for money ‘package’ including the new item, disposal of your old equipment plus issues such as warranty, spare parts and ensuring ventilation and services are adequate.

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