Prime Cooking


• 4, 6 or 8-burner ranges
• Accelerated cooking equipment such as conveyor ovens and microwave combi ovens
• Baking ovens
• Boiling tops
• Bratt pans
• Convection ovens
• Cooking kettles
• Fryers
• Gas or electric
• Griddles
• Grills
• Induction
• Pasta boilers
• Pizza ovens
• Plancha
• Solid tops
• Water baths

Independent advice: Ask Court Catering Equipment for independent advice. You might want to check out a recommendation for a particular manufacturer; you might have a favourite brand…We offer advice that is truly independent of the manufacturers and suppliers. We know the good from the bad, the reliable from the fragile.

Sustainability: Very often, the driver when purchasing is low capital cost with little or no consideration given to whole life-cycle cost. Court Catering Equipment offers advice – independent of the manufacturers – on energy and water consumption etc. We will work with you to identify labour and related costs for any necessary consumables such as cooking oil and detergents. And, if you are also looking for sustainability advice, then we can also help.

Which menu? I know what I want to offer…but how do I cook it? Court Catering Equipment is up to date with the latest cooking technologies and systems. We can advise on the right equipment package for your menu – and your budget. You won’t get that off the internet!

Gas or electric? What about the energy saving potential of induction. Yes, it only uses that expensive energy when the pan is on the hob, but if your kitchen works flat out during service there may not be much of an overall saving. Your most economic option might be a new gas range and a training regime to ensure the gas is only turned on at the start of service, not in the morning to warm the place up!

Ventilation: Regulations have tightened up, especially in relation to gas equipment and the best advice is take some advice. New ventilation systems, for example, require ‘evaluation’ before installation and Court Catering Equipment offers experienced and competent advice, independent of any ventilation contractor.

New or refurbishment? If the old range is on its last legs but there is no cash for a new one, what are the options? A partial or full refurbishment may provide years more useful life, which could see your 950mm-wide range cleaned up, restored and reinstalled for another useful two years after which it will need replacing.

I can’t afford that! Sometimes, you need to cut costs. But there is low-priced equipment and ‘cheap & nasty’. Court Catering Equipment knows which will do a job for you and which won’t!

Which manufacturer? Court Catering Equipment works with all catering equipment manufacturers. We know good equipment from bad and what works best, whether it is light, medium or heavy-duty. You have a choice of manufacturer and you can make the most of that choice by using a Court Catering Equipment for your purchases.

Beware buying off the internet – buying a ‘box’ over the web could end up costing you money and inconvenience. Court Catering Equipment buys equipment on a daily basis; we know how to get you the best value for money ‘package’ including the new item, disposal of your old equipment plus issues such as warranty, spare parts and ensuring ventilation and services are adequate.

Some internet traders sell as ‘optional extras’ (for example, the wheels required for a new fryer) items that come as standard from Court Catering Equipment. In addition, if you need help to choose the right equipment, internet traders probably do not have the experience to help.

Who gives the best customer service? Court Catering Equipment operates to the CEDA Code of Good Practice and adheres to the CEDA Customer Charter, which ensures you will receive the best customer service in the catering market.

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