Food preparation

A well designed prep area starts with sinks…and food storage areas, refrigeration etc. If you are setting up a new kitchen, it is vital to get the design and workflows right, or you could have staff bumping into each other and other health and safety nightmares.

Sinks are not sexy but they – and their accessories such as pre-rinses – can really make your life easier or harder…depending on how you choose your options. Court Catering Equipment will help you choose single, double-bowl, hand-washing sinks or pot washing sinks etc.

  1. 1. Warranties for each piece of kit should be kept in a readily accessible file in case it should break.
  2. 2. Save operational instruction booklets. If possible, post a laminated copy of the operational instructions on the wall beside each piece of equipment.
  3. 3. Keep parts lists and websites in a file in case you need to order replacement parts.

Quality, cheap or nasty? The market for food preparation equipment is now saturated with imports, much of which is of dubious, or at least, unproven quality. You might be attracted by the seeming low price and ‘great value for money’ which that new mixer or stick blender seems to offer. Court Catering Equipment knows what works, what’s reliable and what is good value for money.

Which food processor, blender, mixer? The key is understanding the menu and getting independent advice on the range of equipment to help save labour and ensure consistency.

Which peeler? There are machines which just peel potatoes…and machines which do it very, very well. The best peelers can save you labour, time and money, while the worst peelers take more staff time to look after, make a mess and waste food! There is no cost involved in talking to Court Catering Equipment and it could cost you £150 more than you expected for that new peeler. But that could save on staff labour and how soon does that provide payback?

Which manufacturer? Court Catering Equipment works with all catering equipment manufacturers. We know good equipment from bad and what works best, whether it is light, medium or heavy-duty. You have a choice of manufacturer and you can make the most of that choice by using Court Catering Equipment for your purchases. Beware buying off the internet – buying a ‘box’ over the web could end up costing you money and inconvenience. Court Catering Equipment buys equipment on a daily basis; we know how to get you the best value for money ‘package’ including the new item, disposal of your old equipment plus issues such as warranty, spare parts and ensuring ventilation and services are adequate.

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